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Odesa is enough for all your energy consumption

ODESA Energy is a company that started its operations in 2020 with the aim of providing innovative and efficient solutions in the field of energy while meeting the increasing energy demand of the growing population in our country and the world, and minimizing its impact on the environment.

Since its establishment, the company has prioritized domestic production, quality, sustainability, and reliability, and has aimed to contribute to the achievement of efficiency in energy plants and industrial facilities, as well as to accelerate technological advancements through the solutions it provides in engineering.

Our core business areas include Energy SCADA and Automation, Energy Monitoring and Reporting, Solar Plant Maintenance and Repair Services, Electrical Panel and Design, and EPC Solar Plant Installation services, through which we provide solutions to our customers

Renewable Energy

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Our Values

We get our energy from the sun


We provide innovative, high-quality, and more reliable solutions in the energy and industrial automation sectors worldwide, together with our solution partners, to ensure uninterrupted quality systems and energy efficiency with our industrial automation solutions.


As ODESA Energy, we aim to become an international brand that facilitates the transition to sustainable renewable energy and industrial autonomous systems in our offices, cities, homes, and daily lives, and increases collaboration and innovation opportunities by providing this opportunity to everyone through our comprehensive solutions in the energy and industrial automation sectors.