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A more environmentally conscious, cleaner world

ODESA Energy is a company that started its activities in 2020 with the aim of meeting the increasing energy needs of the growing population in our country and in the world, and producing innovative and efficient solutions in the energy field while minimizing its impact on the environment

Solar Panel
Renewable Energy

Energy is the Future, We're Keeping Our Future Bright

Our goal is to assist our customers in advancing towards a greener future by providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions. You can contact us for any project related to solar energy.

ODESAENERGY Solution services

As a company, we offer solutions related to solar energy, which is one of the most commonly preferred renewable energy sources. We provide customized solutions to our customers using solar panels and other equipment to meet their specific needs.

Our solar energy solutions aim to increase environmental awareness and reduce energy bills. We offer innovative technologies such as solar panels and smart control systems to our industrial and residential customers, providing solutions that meet their needs.


In order to run the plant efficiently in solar power plants and to extend the life of the business, the problems that will occur must be resolved quickly. As Odesa Energy our goal is by ensuring that your facilities are operated in the most economical and efficient manner, it is to ensure that the capacity is fully evaluated by taking all measures to keep the electricity production at the highest level.


Roof-mounted solar power plant applications have a wide range of applications in industrial zones, storage areas, agricultural and livestock facilities, large commercial buildings (shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, gas stations), and more. With our professional team, we design and install these systems according to the requirements of our customers.


Due to the lack of network electricity in agricultural areas, agricultural irrigation is done with fossil energies.However, such sources have costly, noisy and constant additional fuel costs. Solar watering will be economical, silent and environmentally friendly.


Due determine our panel types according to the needs of our customers in compliance with international standards. With our professional team, we design and install these systems according to the requirements of our customers.

Energy Monitoring and Reporting System

With the Energy Monitoring and Reporting system, the energy production and consumption parameters of your facility or factory can be constantly monitored, allowing for optimization of energy consumption. The hardware malfunctions in the system can be reported via SMS and email, allowing for quick intervention. These data, when presented to investors and EPC company employees, provide a competitive advantage to the company.

We're converting the gift from nature into energy

Solar energy has become one of the most preferred renewable energy sources in recent years. Due to the depletion of fossil fuels and their environmental impact, many companies are investing in solar energy projects. As a company that carries out projects related to solar energy, we are working to promote the use of renewable energy sources.

As a company, we provide our customers with solar energy solutions using the latest technology. We carry out customized projects tailored to the needs of both industrial and residential customers. In our projects, we use not only solar panels but also smart control systems, battery storage solutions, and many other innovative technologies.

Our goal is to meet our customers’ energy needs while also protecting the environment and working for a sustainable future. You can contact us for consultancy and solutions for any project related to solar energy.


"Live green, love green, think green."

Since our establishment, we have prioritized domestic production, quality, sustainability, and reliability in engineering by providing solutions that ensure efficiency in energy power plants and industrial facilities, and contributing to the acceleration of technological advancements. Our mission is to make a significant contribution in these areas.

Eco Technology

We produce solutions that cause less harm to the environment and consume fewer resources by utilizing renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and eco-technologies in these areas

Smart Technology

We facilitate the interaction between devices and people in our smart technologies by utilizing features such as internet connection, artificial intelligence, automation, and sensors

Expert Team

Our team, consisting of experts specialized in their respective fields and experienced, provides customized solutions by understanding customer needs in the best way possible

24/7 Accessibility

We always prioritize customer satisfaction and therefore, we make every effort to be in touch with our customers 24/7. Our customers can reach us anytime they need and we are always available to assist them


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