Odesa Enerji


Scada And Automation

The purpose of the installation of Energy SCADA & Automation systems is to transfer the signals, measurement values of the energy distribution system to a SCADA center and to control it from this center.

Thus, Automation and Control Systems minimize the risk and provide effective and safe operating opportunities. With the help of automation systems which are programmed according to operating and working principles, field equipment’s can be correctly controlled without human mistakes and they provide much safer and risk free working opportunities.

To manage and operate energy production, transmission and distribution systems quickly, easily and effectively with much less educated staff can be provided.
Defected equipment in the system can be monitored continuously by automation system so the information about source, reason, place and accurate time of these defects can be determined definitely and corrected without losing time.

As Odesa Energy, we offer the following services regarding energy automation:

  • Designing the system to be installed,
  • Transferring the substations information to SCADA system.
  • Control, Monitoring, Recording, Alarm, Graphing, and Reporting for substations.
  • IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 60870-5 104, IEC 60870-5 101, Modbus Serial / TCP protocols and SCADA Applications.
  • Monitoring and control of protection relays,
  • Monitoring and controlling energy analyzers,
  • Monitoring energy analyzers,
  • Failure analysis,
  • Service with remote connection
  • Providing consultancy services in the field of energy automation,
  • Testing and Commissioning.