Odesa Enerji


Maintance and Repair

In order to run the plant efficiently in solar power plants and to extend the life of the business, the problems that will occur must be resolved quickly.

As Odesa Energy our goal is by ensuring that your facilities are operated in the most economical and efficient manner, it is to ensure that the capacity is fully evaluated by taking all measures to keep the electricity production at the highest level.

We provide the following Maintenance and Repair Services to our valued customers:

  • Checking the general condition of cable channels and cables.
  • Electrical connection control of arrays, inverters and panels.
  • Determination of loss and leakage errors of inverter productions.
  • DC voltage measurements.
  • Mechanical control of the connections of panels to the carrier system.
  • Grounding measurements.
  • Control of fuses and residual current relays.
  • Visual inspection of medium voltage cells and equipment.
  • Control of medium voltage cells control systems.
  • Transformer oil control and change.
  • Medium voltage and low voltage cable heads control.
  • XLPE cable controls.
  • Rectifier control.
  • Lightning protection system measurements.
  • Solar Energy Panel Cleaning.
  • Reporting on corrective work done.